Saturday, March 10, 2012

TBR Intervention Challenge (22)

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Um.. I.. um..I didn't do my homework... Yeah, I know! I've tried! But what can I do? I was AGAIN distracted by some new books I got on Kindle. (Thanks to my friends over at Starbooks for recommending some books that got me hooked and forgot my TBR IC commitments. Yeah girls, this is your fault. LOL. Just Kidding!) Anyway, I did finished and LOVED two of Abbi Glines books in the SEA BREEZE Series: BREATHE and BECAUSE OF LOW (my review is up except for Breathe which I just finished last night). I am a new fan girl of Abbi Glines and I will surely don't miss the rest of her books now. Because of Low just made it to my favorite caffeinated books. 

So for this week's TBRIC, I think I will finish Hallowed (Unearthly #2) by Cynthia Hand which I started last Monday and wasn't able to finish because of the two books mentioned above. I will TRY AGAIN reading My Soul To Keep, thanks again to my Starbooks friends for talking about this book non-stop :) Besides, I need to catch up with the Soul Screamers books before the due date for the SS Challenge. 
SO guys, how was your week? I hope yours was better than mine. What books did you finish? What books did you set aside?

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  1. Ooh! Ooh! Hallowed is BUCKETS OF SADS and emotion and I loved every minute of it. Even when I was mad about it.


    1. Just a few more pages and I'm done. I'm not sure what I feel about it. Clara is a bit annoying for me... I loved Christian though, and he's the only thing that keeps me reading this book. LOL.

  2. LOL... Sometimes you just have to read what you're in the mood for. I have not gotten to read any of Abbi's books yet, though I do have both The Vincent Boys and Existence sitting on my Kindle just waiting for me. Everyone seems to have good things to say about her books, so I'm really looking forward to them.

    Good luck with Hallowed and your Soul Screamers challenge! Hopefully the SS series will pick up for you here soon. I know what it's like to have to push myself through a book and it's not super fun. :P

    1. You should try Abbi Glines book! I loved them. She's one of my favorite author now and I'm looking forward for more of her books. =)

  3. Oh! now I know it was our friends fault. I do believe this!
    Hope you can read My soul to keep. It's on my new list, too.
    And, bravo!!! Three books! Hope you like Hallowed.
    Happy reading!!!

    1. Hahaha! you are one of them Lis! I think I am too. So it's a quit! LOL. Too many books to read... and a lot more to come!

  4. Teheee!! Hallowed is sure being a hard bone to ìck, uh?

    Also, I just started My Soul to Keep a couple of nights ago, too! It's giving me the same issues the previous books did - but now it's kind of starting to grate on my nerves. But, as you say: the girls over at Starbooks say that it picks up, that If I Die is a game-changer, and that there's Tod goodness ahead, so I shall press on!

    Best of lucks on the challenge, April!

    PS. I'll post my challenge tomorrow.... nearing midnight here, had a difficult day, and must sleeeeeep..... ;)

    1. OH NO... Is Kaylee being too difficult again? :/ Why do I have this feeling that it would be a struggle to finish this book?! I just want to jump to If I Die right now, honestly. lol


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