Monday, April 9, 2012

TBR Intervention Challenge (26)

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Hello, hello!
I'm super late for this post, but it's better late than never, right? Last week was a super busy week. First, it was Lenten Season. Then it was my birthday too. Have you entered in my Hello 30! International Birthday Giveaway? Please don't miss it! :)

I've been out of the house every day of last week! Yes, it was so tiring and who said that Holy Week was supposed to be a quiet, relaxing vacation? Well, for me, it wasn't a relaxing time at all. Been busy in the house the whole day every day, then come Wednesday, it was my birthday! I turned thir...teen. Why can't I say it?! haha. Okay, well I turned 30 :) It was fun and I got lots of greetings and presents (books!!!) and I am so thankful. Thursday, we went to the beach. Friday, we went home to Laguna, to my parent's house and spent the rest of the weekend there. Unfortunately, the internet connection was sooooo sloooooooow. I couldn't load my Facebook Page, my Blog page, only Twitter! So I ended up tweeting to Ayanami and Dani, to tell them that I won't be able to post my TBR IC this week. I didn't want to miss it, so even though it's late and it's Monday, I still want to post mine.


If you've noticed, I didn't have time for reading last week. From time to time I tried to sneak in and read Whispering Hills, but didn't have much progress on it. I've never been so embarrassed with my TBRIC until now. So sorry guys, I don't think I've been such a great host lately. I'm glad that Dani and Ayanami are doing great with their TBRIC. I think I'm kinda indebted to these two and to all of you.


Once I''ve finished Whispering Hills, I'll read Meeting Destiny by Nancy Straight since it's part of the tour that I'm currently participating.
Meeting Destiny by Nancy Straight
Lauren is visited in her dreams for years by a stranger claiming to be her destiny. Destiny becomes reality when paths cross during a failed robbery attempt. Lauren and the stranger experience chemistry like no other and now her doubt over her long time relationship with her high school sweetheart is not her only secret…someone else knows about her keen intuition and sixth sense.A mysterious clairvoyant seeks Lauren out and tells her not only of her life now but what the future may hold. Soon Lauren is in the middle of a murder investigation and a questionable friendship with the key suspect. Law enforcement, friends and family are concerned for Lauren but unfortunately they are unaware of the true danger…Sinister forces are at work and will stop at nothing to destroy Lauren’s abilities.
So how's your TBR pile? Happy Easter everyone!


  1. Yay! You made it! So glad your internet is back! And don't worry about it at all. Seriously. Life happens, and there are things more important than blogging... and reading.

    So Whispering Hills. Hope you can finally knock this one off, I know how I feel when I have those hangers-on books that I just can't seem to finish. So here's to "closing the book" on that one. Har har har ;)

    And I'm really curious about Meeting Destiny, so I can't wait to see what you think!

  2. Better late than never. Haha.

    I hope you finish Withering Hills. You can do it! Yeah!


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